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Parts Logistics

ServiceMax delivers end-to-end forward and reverse parts logistics capabilities. Field service managers, technicians, depot repair users, and other warehouse operations users can efficiently manage and stream-line the parts movements processes in addition to managing the relevant inventory updates. The benefits of a complete field service solution designed to never lose track of parts include:

  • Ensure timely, hassle-free customer replacements or repairs, increasing both customer loyalty and retention
  • Provide your customer service team seamless visibility into returns or repairs throughout the service chain
  • Reduce inventory costs by minimizing parts leakage and write-downs
  • Reduce costs by using refurbished products/parts to increase spare parts inventory
  • Increase revenue by using refurbished parts/products as replacements in the field and putting available new
  • merchandise in the hands of sales, not service
  • Improve product quality by analyzing return and repair data across your network
  • Consolidate and own the customer relationship across various authorized service centers (ASCs) to better understand buying behavior
  • Comply with regulatory requirements by providing audit trails on all parts movements