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ServiceMax Offers a Complete Service Suite for Field Service Companies

Want to give your field service business a face lift? Seamless communication, efficient scheduling and dispatch is the key to success. To achieve this, field service partner with ServiceMax.

ServiceMax’s cloud-based field service solution is applicable to organizations of all size. It helps you manage service delivery process and offer customer delight through:

  • Scheduling - Assists in efficient workforce optimization and work order management
  • Mobile – Provides ServcieMax Mobile accessible from iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad, laptops and Windows/Android Smartphone’s
  • Contracts – Avoids warranty leakage and increases contract renewals through service plans, install base management and contract entitlements
  • Social networking tools – Promotes company-to-customer interaction with ProductPulse, ServicePulse and ServicePulse Ticker
  • Communities – Enhances customer loyalty and retention
  • Analytics – Offers precise reporting with Reports & Dashboards
  • Parts – Balances depot repair, inventory management, parts and reverse logistics

Happy customers improve your brand image. Use ServiceMax to facilitate ongoing communication with customers. Partner with ServiceMax.

Download the White Paper.