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Mobile Field Workforce Management

The mobile field workforce of an organization is directly responsible for continued customer satisfaction. They also have a direct impact on the business as well as revenue generation as the onus for pleasing the customer and generating new opportunities falls on them.

ServiceMax’s Mobile Field service management solution enables your workforce to get virtual access to all the information they need anywhere, anytime.

Effective management of your mobile workforce is now possible with ServiceMax. You can:

  • Allocate multiple work orders to technicians in any location using the drag and drop console
  • Monitor their work status virtually and assign more work orders on completion
  • Enable them to create new work orders, parts requisitions, purchase orders, generate bills, get verifications, and much more from any location
  • Keep them updated on the customer work history and product information with a one-click access to all pertinent information

If you are looking to support your mobile workforce with seamless virtual capabilities, contact ServiceMax today for more information.