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ServiceMax Addresses Marketing for Service Companies

Want to deliver flawless field service? Align your service, sales and marketing teams with uniform customer data, get ServicePulse!

ServicePulse from ServiceMax goes beyond being a social collaboration tool. It offers marketing executives with crucial insights. It transforms the way your company collaborates on field service topics. Use ServicePulse to:

  • Improve field technician utilization as well as productivity with quick access to field service experts on the go
  • Enhance mean time to repair by making the most of tribal knowledge
  • Develop meaningful relationship across distributed teams
  • Make informed decisions regarding service design and delivery process by using the ServicePulse Ticker
  • Minimize the time taken to train field techs by leveraging knowledge bases
  • Facilitate effortless and secure communication, from your engineering, marketing teams to the field techs

Using ServicePulse you can increase your first time closure rates by 18% and minimize mean time to repair by 19%. Get ServiceMax today.

Download the White Paper.