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Depot Repair and Inventory Management

Efficient management of expensive field service parts is the key to a successful service resolution - irrespective o f whether the medical devices are generic ones that need minimal servicing needs or high capital intensive assets like MRI machines.

ServiceMax delievers depot repair service and inventory management software that empowers users to manage their inventory lying at multiple locations, send out inventory updates and stock history to managers - for all types of locations sucb as warehouses, depot repair facilities, any other virtual inventory locations, or technician trucks. Your field service managers, depot repair technicians, warehouse operations users can now efficiently manage the inventory at all locations and streamline them at the source and target locations.

Returns represent one of the most data complex processes in your service chain. For industries such as consumer electronics, medical device manufacturers, or high technology that work with large volumes and various complex, global service networks, the challenge can be even tough.

How can you optimize the process when you have deal with multiple depots, repair centers, and suppliers across the globe? ServiceMax allows you to set up your service network and routing rules to speed returns from many depots and locations.

We've designed a structured and iterative methodology, created to enhance your performance, increase end-user adoption, and drive your ROI. ServiceMax's MaxAdvantage supports you end-to-end - from proactive discovery/planning services to project management, deployment, and the final hand-off.