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Advanced Mobile Field Management by ServiceMax

Field service is mobile by nature, rarely does the field come to the technician. However getting the right technician to the right location is only a small part of mobile field service. Giving access to inventory and knowledge centers, route optimization, and knowledge centers through a single device can make sure the mobile technician has all the tools available in the field.

Field service enterprises adopting BYOD report a 52% increase in employee engagement. Give your field service a boost with ServiceMax's mobile field management. 

Field technicians need relevant customer data to solve consumer concerns fast. BYOD allows your assets and technicians to be utilized optimally. ServiceMax mobile field management solution helps service managers and field technicians to increase productivity. The ServiceMax application has an average of 18% increase in technician productivity, generating higher levels of efficiency. 

Below are a few platform examples ServiceMax runs on:

ServiceMax mobile field management for iPad

Why sacrifice power for tablet portability? ServiceMax's innovative iPad app works off and online making field service a breeze.

ServiceMax mobile field management for Smartphones

It's your access to portability within your pocket. Whether you are using a Blackberry, iPhone or an Android-based Smartphone, your techs can stay connected to the HQ and each other. This helps them solve customer issues faster.

ServiceMax mobile field management for Laptops

Are remote locations your major concern? ServiceMax's Windows-based application on laptops works irrespective of the connectivity. Your techs can access everything needed to run diagnostics, access applications or schematics.

Learn more about ServiceMax's mobile field management by downloading our White Papers.