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ServiceMax offers Mobile Worker App

Smart field techs no longer prefer to carry bulky clipboards or use heavy duty software. Since they are always on the go, they prefer a technology that will complement their mobility. ServiceMax’s mobile worker apps can help!

ServiceMax’s mobile worker apps offer access irrespective of connectivity or location. ServiceMax Mobile is applicable to iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Windows/Android based Smartphone’s. Use the advanced mobile worker app to:

  • Capture the service details when onsite, speed the billing and minimize mistakes
  • Access work orders, calendars, service knowledge database, inventory levels, service history and spare parts locations
  • Capture the material and time details, request parts, reject or take up an work assignment, create follow up activities and record work order details
  • Share a customer query on ServicePulse and get immediate replies from experts and colleagues

Want your field techs to have all relevant data at their fingertips? Get ServiceMax’s mobile worker app.

Download the White Paper.