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Support your Mobile Field Force with Easy Access to Information

You can now give your mobile field technicians anywhere, anytime access to all the information they need.

ServiceMax’s Mobile field service management can help you support your field technicians and mobile workers with field ready mobile apps for a one-click access to all the relevant information that they need to complete their work order. The mobile workers can use their iPad, iPhone, smartphones, or Laptops for an end-to-end support in their customer calls.

Our field-ready mobile apps have many advanced features to assist in a virtual access to information and work orders.

  • Browser accessibility support with the HTML-5 platform
  • Easy configuration of processes without custom codes supported by the Infinity framework
  • Paperless environment for completion of work orders, indenting for parts, bill generation, adding attachments, and verifications etc.

ServiceMax helps you transition your mobile workforce into the next generation technologies. Download our whitepapers for more information.