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Get ServiceMax’s Mobility App for Field Service Workers

Field service success depends on optimum usage of technology. If your field techs are using on-premise software, then the productivity gets hindered. Smart mobile devices and apps increase revenue and guarantees customer delight. Want to boost field tech agility? Use ServiceMax’s mobility app for field service workers.

ServiceMax Mobile helps field techs use iPad, BlackBerry, laptops, iPhone and Windows or Android based Smartphones. The key features of ServiceMax Mobile are:

  • Developed utilizing HTML5 to guarantee a reliable experience all over mobile apps and web
  • Easy to configure and implement
  • Offers Infinity Framework that defines the processes and workflow and then place it to the mobile device
  • Forward and store features for field techs to access relevant customer and product data on the go
  • Innovative data authentication whilst the data entry procedure when there is no connectivity

ServiceMax’s mobility app for field service workers supports SSO and OAuth 2.0 to offer a secure access to laptops and iPad apps.

Download the White Paper.