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Field Workforce Scheduling

Managers have traditionally spent an inordinate amount of time scheduling employees, causing significant hits to the bottom line due to sheer inefficiency. Now, with ServiceMax's software solution, you can now let your employees set their own availability with the ease of a few keystrokes, simultaneously saving hours and increasing productivity.

ServiceMax's sophisticated scheduling capabilities reform the scheduling landscape by giving a wonderful UI to take care of interactive scheduling processes that are automatic as well as manual. It leverages the proven cloud computing technology to allocate and generate schedules for large number of WO at once.

  • Manage numerous Work Orders on a Single Screen
  • Promptly Configure Dispatch Priorities and constraints
  • Wizard Based Configuration of Dispatch Rules

It is not necessary that the most experienced technician complete the job successfully. With workforce optimization, you can not only set your organizations free from people-heavy and error-prone dispatch processes but also replace it with an enhanced schedule depending on the rules that you prioritized. OptiMax from ServiceMax is a workforce optimization and dispatch solution that is cloud based and auto-scheduling.