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Field Workforce Scheduling

ServiceMax's modern scheduling application recreates the scheduling model by offering an exceptional user interface to manage and track automatic, interactive, and manual scheduling processes. By leveraging proven and knowledgeable cloud computing technology, you can design and manage schedules for many work orders simultaneously with a dispatch console featuring an easy-to-use drag and drop.

ServiceMax Orange, a collaborative, complete and mobile field service solution, comes with built-in workflow reminders and alerts to keep your team always proactive and completing projects on time. It enables your staff to finish tasks quickly without being slowed down with paperwork. For instance, our dispatch console drives utilization rate by ensuring that best technician is assigned for the job. Our automatic scheduler for preventive maintenance enables timely scheduling. Besides ,access to work order details, online and offline, ensures that your techs can swiftly and successfully input valuable date at any place or time.

It offers a consolidated view of all unassigned work-orders, technician's calendar availability and geographical region, ServiceMax service dispatch software provides tremendous visibility to the entire process, anytime on demand.