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Field Workforce Scheduling

Assigning jobs to your field service technicians may not always be an easy task. What do you need to do to prioritize your most valuable customer? How do to know if your squeakiest wheel is eating up your valuable resources? Ensuring high efficiency and customer satisfaction must include the following must-dos:

  • Always make certain a job is allotted to the right technician(s)
  • See that technicians are not overbooked with infeasible schedules
  • Always ensure that customers' appointment are completed on time
  • Technicians must always work more and travel less, and not the other way around
  • Keep a schedule efficient without impacting resolution times and customer satisfaction
  • See that all priority customers are first attended to

ServiceMax enures that you dont ever have to worry about forgetting a scheduling aspect of your projects again. Get intelligent routing, real-time scheduling and advanced optimization, on your iPad whether you're online or offline.

With ServiceMax the right tech attends to the right job.