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Improve efficiency of your reclaimer service business using ServiceMax's scheduling and dispatch software.

Assigning jobs to your reclaimer field service technicians can be a challenging task. For highly efficient operation, you need to:

  • Ensure that the job is assigned to the reclaimer technician(s) with the appropriate skill set
  • Ensure that the reclaimer technicians are not overbooked or assigned infeasible schedules
  • Make sure your technicians work more and travel less
  • Adhere to customer appointment time windows
  • Ensure that you reduce the overall cost of reclaimer schedule without impacting customer satisfaction
  • Ensure that all the above conditions are adhered for all the technicians and their work orders, for any size of business

ServiceMax's offers advanced scheduling capabilities that transform the reclaimer scheduling landscape into a highly efficient scheduling process that is capable of managing manual, interactive, and automatic scheduling. Using the drag and drop dispatch console, you can allocate and setup reclaimer service schedules for numerous work orders, simultaneously. You can handle multiple, complex work orders, invoicing, reclaimer mobile worker management, and reclaimer job scheduling using ServiceMax software.