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Create an Efficient System for your Repair Services

Your field technicians and mobile workforce have enough work orders to get through already. To add on to their strain, if you have recurrent issues of broken or parts and constant returns then the number of customer calls for repair services are just going to pile up.

ServiceMax’s depot repair and inventory management software ensures that you manage all customer calls for repair services, ranging from repair tracking or part replacements to the more sophisticated work orders.

Our software ensures that your repair services team delivers on time, every time. Whether your use a field service or a depot repair strategy, ServiceMax offers many advantages.

  • Better first time resolutions, by ensuring that the repair services team has the right parts in hand
  • Easy access to inventory data, including part requests, RMAs, real-time view of parts availability
  • Access to parts using advanced lookup filters while in the field

With ServiceMax, you can ensure that your customers stay happy with your services. We help you get returning customers, not returned parts and products. If you wish to give your repair services a complete make-over, contact us today.