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Effective Resource Management Using ServiceMax's Advance Scheduling Software

Want to give your scheduling and dispatch operations a scrub? ServiceMax's advance scheduling software can help!

Leverage ServiceMax's Dispatch Console to make your present dispatchers efficient than before. Using ServiceMax they can schedule work orders automatically and focus on crucial areas. Without leaving the Dispatch Console, dispatchers can look for the right field tech depending on various criteria. ServiceMax's advance resource management and scheduling software enables you to:

  • Drag and drop work orders to the field techs
  • View enlisted work orders depending on the user query criteria like high priority, allocated and unallocated
  • Allocate multiple field techs to a work order
  • Identify the apt field tech for a chosen work order depending on the proximity or territory

Key benefits of ServiceMax's advance scheduling software include:

  • Improved dispatch operation efficiency
  • Maximized first time fix rates
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Better resource management and technician utilization
  • Fulfilment of customer SLA promises on time
  • Improved service delivery and reduced cost

ServiceMax allows field techs to self-schedule work orders taking it from a centralized queue. To know more download the video.