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Depot Repair and Inventory Management

Managing a team of service technicians can prove difficult without the proper tools and a complete 360-degree view of the customer at all times. To improve your service business, drive revenue and decrease costs, ServiceMax provides an end-to-end field service management solution that will make resource allocation and technician utilization a seamless part of everyday business.

Ensuring consistent customer satisfaction and new revenue opportunities and managing a field work force to maximize resources takes the right team, skills and tools.

You need to work through availability, complex matrices of schedules, and skill inventories so that you can maximize your first call closure rates, manage exceptions effectively and stay within SLAs and service contract parameters. With ServiceMax you get the most robust, flexible, and configurable capabilities that enable you to send the right technician for the job every time, thus creating new revenue opportunities.

ServiceMax also empowers you to cope with field service teams and their areas, and the corresponding work order management activities that include creation, assignment, execution, and debrief of fieldwork.