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Field Workforce Scheduling

The mismanagement of field service resources due to the limitations of the spreadsheet can put you on the fast track to obsolescence. Through ServiceMax's cloud-based resource scheduling software, you can easily and efficiently schedule the management of equipment, assets, vehicles, and more in one central solution.

ServiceMax enables easy management of field service teams and their territories. Besides, it allows you to manage corresponding field activities such as creation, allocation, execution, closure and examination of fieldwork within and across your partner service teams. This allows you to ensure that the utilization of your field team is the highest it can be. Besides, the management and monitoring of service requests ensure you that the requests are resolved within SLA commitments, which enhances customer delight and drives new revenue opportunities. You'll now have quick access to:

  • Work Order Detail
  • Wizard-Driven Work Order Debrief
  • Instant Invoice Creation and you'll be able to:
  • Easily Update Order Detail