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Parts Logistics

ServiceMax offers reverse and forward logistics capabilities on an ongoing basis. The field techs, depot repair users, service managers and warehouse operation uses are able to simplify the parts movement process in addition to monitoring significant inventory updates.

Using ServiceMax reverse logistics management you can:

  • Offer problem-free and timely consumer repairs and replacements, maximizing the user retention and loyalty
  • Minimize inventory expense by reducing the write-offs and parts leakage
  • Minimize the expenses by making use of modified products and maximize the spare parts inventory
  • Grow your service revenues through refurbished goods as replacements and placing the new merchandise on sales
  • Enhance the quality of product by assessing the repair and return data all through your network
  • Combine and foster customer bonds across multiple ASC's to have an in-depth understanding of purchasing behavior

Do you want to comply with the regulatory policies on all parts movement? Conduct your audit trials using ServiceMax.