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ServiceMax's Service Automation Improves Field Service Delivery Process

Effective technician utilization and scheduling guarantees field service success. Don't merely imagine flawless field service! Instead, strategize ways to deliver the same to ensure customer delight. ServiceMax's field service automation improves field tech productivity, maximizes revenue and offers competitive edge.

Efficient field service automation improves the way field techs function. It helps them concentrate on core issues and avert unnecessary travel. ServiceMax's service automation tools include:

  • Scheduling - Offers systematic workforce optimization and work order management
  • Contracts – Averts the scopes of warranty leakage and guarantees contract renewals via the service plans, install base management as well as contract entitlements
  • Mobile – Delivers ServiceMax Mobile on iPad, Laptops, iPhone, BlackBerry and the Windows/Android based Smartphone's
  • Parts – Supports balanced inventory management, parts and reverse logistics and deport repair activities
  • Social collaboration – Fosters company-to-customer communication via ServicePulse, Ticker and ProductPulse
  • Communities – Helps to enhance customer loyalty through partner and the customer communities
  • Analytics – Offers precise reporting using Reports & Dashboards

Dispatch expert field techs, equipped with correct parts and resolve customer queries with ServiceMax.

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