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ServiceMax Streamlines Service Automation for Manufacturing Devices

The returns process is challenging for manufacturing devices. It is crucial to optimize the process amidst multiple depots, repair centers and suppliers round the globe. ServiceMax’s reverse logistics solution help!

ServiceMax allows you to build your service network and create routing guidelines to accelerate returns through various locations and depots. Use ServiceMax to:

  • Minimize inventory expenses by curtailing write-downs and parts leakage
  • Guarantee hassle-free and timely consumer replacements to increase customer retention and loyalty
  • Minimize expenses by making use of refurnished goods to maximize spare parts inventory
  • Enhance the product type by evaluating repair data all over your network
  • Offer customer service team the complete visibility of returns across the service chain
  • Comply with the regulatory requirements through audit trails on every parts movement

ServiceMax helps you simplify service automation for manufacturing devices by balancing the returns process.

Download the White Paper.