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Drive In Service Automation with ServiceMax

The capability to diversify in different customer segments holds the key to field service success. Yet there are companies that shy away, anticipating reliability to be a difficult task to maintain. ServiceMax's cloud based service automation platform can help!

ServiceMax offers the capacity to outline, set up and retain service plans that can be utilized across a company. ServiceMax brings forth field service automation by offering:

  • A complete and automatic entitlement authentication process
  • Assistance for various products and labor price books to guarantee reliable and precise pricing of parts, labor, consumables and products
  • Rich labor pricing alternatives comprising of minimum labor charged, fixed price and the capability to set product-specific labor pricing
  • Service plans for popular service offerings
  • Automatic pro-forma invoice for service and contract billing
  • Automatic estimation of the work order line pricing depending on the contract price discounts and terms, from mobile

Want to make optimum use of technology to advance your field service business? Partner with ServiceMax.

Download the White Paper.