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Address Service Calls Better by Using Dispatch and Work Order Software

Dispatch in field service is not merely about attending addressing service calls and then routing a skilled field tech. It is also about streamlining your scheduling process and automating the process of assigning field work orders. ServiceMax’s dispatch and work order software can help.

Using ServiceMax you can efficiently generate, allocate, implement, close and debrief field work orders. It helps you to stay free from the time consuming manual dispatch processes and remove unwanted paperwork. Use ServiceMax's cloud-based dispatch and work order software to:

  • Improve your field tech utilization rates by helping them to work even in the absence of Internet connectivity
  • Minimizing all the confusion regarding the work that needs to be carried out
  • Reduce all billing mistakes
  • Accelerate the collections and bring down SLA violations
  • Reduce the operations expenses by enabling the partners and customers with instant work-order status updates

Do you want to track the parts, time and labour costs accurately? Get ServiceMax.