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ServiceMax Helps Field Service Companies Manage Inventory

When you lose parts, don't know what is being used, what is available on-hand, or what needs ordered, your inventory management needs an overhaul.

ServiceMax helps field service companies manage inventory and enhance field service delivery. Use ServiceMax to:

  • Monitor forward and reverse logistics for all parts, product transactions, exchanges, and repairs
  • Manage inventory data for part transactions that includes stock transfers, part requests and RMA’s (Returned Merchandise Authorizations)
  • Retain product revision and replacement records for quick customer upgrades and exchanges
  • Set up intricate routing guidelines to accelerate returns via multiple depots and locations
  • Access return trends and volumes to provide useful information to quality, engineering, and material planning teams

ServiceMax Parts and Reverse Logistics helps service companies' inventory management and enhance bottom line and resolution times. Learn more about ServiceMax today.