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Delight Your Field Service Customer with ServicePulse

Want to know that a unit was down before your field service customer creates panic? ServiceMax’s ProductPulse posts machine status to ServicePulse ticker, for you to proactively dispatch a field tech.

More than being social, ServicePulse offers a company-to-customer interface to offer customer delight. Use ServicePulse to ensure that a whole team is working behind each field tech dispatched to a field service customer site. It also helps you:

  • Boost productivity and technician utilization rates by offering fast access to solutions
  • Enhance the first time fix rates and avoid expensive truck trolls
  • Leverage and document the tribal know-how
  • Focus proactively on service problems
  • Offer executives complete visibility of updates, modifications and other critical items as they occur
  • Deliver relevant social networking features including commenting, status updates, trending and document sharing

Field service customers using ServiceMax reports a decrease of 19% in mean time to repair and increase of 18% in first time fix rates. Partner with ServiceMax!

Download the White Paper.