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Features of Cloud-Based Service Dispatch Software

A systematic dispatch process leads to increase in first time fixes and customer delight. Are you planning to give a face-lip to your field service delivery chain? ServiceMax’s cloud-based service dispatch software can help.

Allocating a task to a skilled field worker is challenging. You have to ensure that the field worker is able to accomplish the task on time and has no busy schedules. It is also essential to attend your prized customers on priority. Use ServiceMax’s service dispatch software to:

  • Automate the schedule optimization, allocate each field worker optimal work orders to attain service objectives
  • Optimize schedules of partner resources as well as employees in one system
  • View the optimized schedules on tablet, Smartphone and laptop
  • Accelerate the management of high priority jobs
  • Drive route optimization oriented street-level drive routes

Want to schedule parts and align it with dispatch intelligently? Partner with ServiceMax.