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Efficient Service Lifecycle Management with ServiceMax

Visibility is crucial in field service. A service technician needs to be clued into every detail about a customer problem. Efficient service lifecycle management is imperative. ServiceMax can help!

ServiceMax's service lifecycle management helps you strengthen your customer bonds and capitalize new revenue scopes. Use ServiceMax to:

  • Delight customers on all interactions and not compel them to answer the same question repeatedly
  • Enhance installed base information precision by allowing everyone in the field service delivery process update consumer details and contacts
  • Enhance the SLA compliance rates and offer more than customer expectations
  • Enhance the visibility on customer issues and use the inputs gathered to enhance service delivery and product quality
  • Recognize new revenue scopes by keeping a track of competitor products
  • Minimize the ACHT (Average Call Handling Time) by making it simple to update warranty data, customer history and equipment configurations

Want to increase your contact renewal by 12%? Get ServiceMax.

Download the White Paper.