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ServiceMax Ensures Efficient Service Lifecycle Management

Accurate service contracts and warranties ensure field service success. This accelerates the speed of invoice generation followed by payments. Use ServiceMax to ensure that crucial contracts are accessible all across the service lifecycle management (SLM).

ServiceMax ensures effective service lifecycle management by enabling you to foster strong customer relationships and focus on service revenue opportunities. ServiceMax helps you:

  • Record shipment details, installations as well as de-installations
  • Update the customer details comprising contracts, locations, installed goods and product configurations
  • Have access to hierarchical tree-structure pattern of detailed product configuration, installed product status, parts and equipments
  • Monitor and keep a track of the installed products for every consumer by a serialized part level and individual element
  • Empower consumers update details using customer communities
  • Offer complete visibility of SLA compliance

Do you want to maximize revenues up to 22% and contract renewals up to 12%? Get ServiceMax.