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Align Service Management and Marketing using ServicePulse

Want to transform the way your company collaborates regarding field service? SevicePulse from ServiceMax can help. ServicePulse is designed on the Salesforce.com platform that aligns service management with marketing, making field service delivery flawless.

ServicePulse helps you use the best technology, allocate skilled field workers and offer best ideas on every service call. Use ServiceMax to:

  • Enhance the first time closure rates and customer delight by allowing field workers to get crucial answers they need whilst on the customer site
  • Enhance the mean time to repair all over the field techs by leveraging and documenting the tribal know-how
  • Enhance the field tech utilization rates as well as productivity by offering access field experts
  • Minimize the field tech training time by making the most of organic knowledge bases
  • Promote useful relationships all through the distributed teams
  • Arrive at smarter and fact-based decisions concerning service design, service processes and product design

Other than syncing service management and marketing, ServicePulse maximizes the first time closure rates by 18%. Get ServiceMax.