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Advanced Field Service Management Applications from ServiceMax

Field service is complex. It includes multiple elements like inventory and repair, scheduling technicians, work order management and service contracts. Simplifying your field service makes it profitable and delights your customer. ServiceMax can help!

ServiceMax’s advanced field service management applications include:

  • Scheduling – Helps you leverage workforce optimization, work order management and advance scheduling to increase productivity and first-time fix rates
  • Contracts – Helps you track entitlements, manage warranties and the service contracts to increase contract renewals and service revenue
  • Parts - Helps you manage inventory, service parts and depot repair activities to minimize the mean time to repair and field service expenses
  • Communities - Offers self-service access to customers to obtain complete visibility of partner operations to increase revenue
  • Social – Manages the social ticker, promotes collaboration and allow machine-to-machine communication to increase the first time fix rates

Want to perfect your service delivery? Get ServiceMax.

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