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For Service Parts Logistics — Using ServiceMax is Like Having a Handbook

Currently, about 52% of field service visits need service parts, but techs have the needed parts in their truck less than one-half the time. Managing inventory can be a constant struggle of balancing all parts. If you carry less inventory, you risk dropping revenue opportunities and upsetting clients who don't get the part they need. If you carry more, then your company may have to deal with high costs. What if you had a service parts handbook?

ServiceMax delivers start-to-finish - from forward and reverse parts logistics. Your field managers, depot repair users, service parts technicians and other warehouse users can:

  • Easily monitor and stream-line the parts movements processes
  • Managing the relevant inventory updates
  • Maintain optimal inventory with confidence

ServiceMax inventory management capabilities enable you to manage multiple inventory locations. Have inventory/depot updates and stock history for warehouses, technician trucks, and depots at your fingertips. These real-time inventory updates offer, accurate data, and prevent inventory leakage and write-downs. Learn more about ServiceMax in this 2 minute video.