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Optimize Tracking of Service Repair Parts Using ServiceMax

Inaccurate tracking of service repair parts can pose a challenge to your field service delivery chain. Today multiple repair centers, depots and suppliers are involved globally with this process. Do you want to optimize your service repair tracking? ServiceMax’s inventory management and repair service can help.

ServiceMax helps you to track service repair parts and manage inventory locations and updates. It helps you track all types of location data from warehouses, technician trucks and depot repair units. Use ServiceMax to:

  • Provide service partners instant visibility into parts accessibility and the capacity to request or ship service repair parts or start part transactions
  • Monitor forward as well as reverse logistics for all sorts of parts and product transactions, comprising the RMA’s , FRU returns, exchange and repairs
  • Analyse the return trends and the volumes to provide useful inputs to quality, material planning and the engineering team
  • Evaluate the global networks in multiple languages

Do you want to address messy returns and simplify the repair process? Get ServiceMax.