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Service Your Customers Better Using Service Repair Scheduling Software

Messy returns and broken goods can erode field service profits. It can negatively impact your customer relationships as well. Want to turn this into an opportunity to retain customers? A well-timed service repair strategy can boost your customer loyalty. ServiceMax’s service repair scheduling software helps you achieve this seamlessly.

ServiceMax provides a complete service suite of field service activities that ranges from workforce optimization, scheduling, reverse logistics, service parts to depot repair. All these aspects are integrated with the Salesforce.com’s CRM capabilities. ServiceMax also offers mobile access through iPad, Smartphones and laptops.

Use ServiceMax’s service repair scheduling software to:

  • Provide your customer service teams the visibility into service repairs and returns through the service delivery chain
  • Improve the quality of product by analyzing appliance return and repair data across the whole network
  • Reduce the inventory expenses by minimizing the write-downs and parts leakage
  • Reduce the expenses using refurnished goods to maximize the spare parts inventory
  • Follow the regulatory policies by providing audit trails on parts movement

Want to know more on service repair software? You can watch the video for more information.