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Field Service Technician Software Supports Effective Workforce Optimization

Effective workforce optimization and scheduling leads to flawless field service delivery. Assigning a field worker with a certain task and equipping him with the correct parts, is a challenge. ServiceMax’s cloud-based field service technician software can help.

If you want your cherished customers to be attended on priority, retain service efficiency and ensure consumer delight, it is crucial to make sure that:

  • Your field technicians are not preoccupied with an inflexible routine
  • Consumer appointment time charts are timely addressed
  • Your field technicians cut down on pointless travel and spend on solving customer issues
  • Your schedule is efficient without negatively impacting resolution times and customer delight

Use ServiceMax’s field service technician software with an intuitive UI to manage scheduling processes, i.e. automated, manual and interactive. The software offers a Dispatch Console that allows you to develop and allot various field work orders. This helps to enhance the dispatch function efficiency, increase the first time closing and fulfil consumer SLA promises timely.