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Technician Scheduling Shareware for Field Workforce Scheduling

In field service, getting the right tech with the right parts to the right job is critical. For many businesses, talented and informed dispatchers can organize daily schedule, mentally balancing technician locations, expertise, priority customers, skill sets, and situation severity flawlessly. But the challenge comes when there are 100 or 1000 techs to manage. That's where ServiceMax's OptiMax comes in.

OptiMax from ServiceMax is a workforce optimization, an automated scheduling, and dispatch solution, delivered in the cloud. By Workforce optimization organizations can do away with manual dispatch processes and provide an optimized schedule as prioritized by you.

Want to ensure your most valued customers get service first? Want to optimize to limit drive time and fuel consumption? Need the system to understand that a job requires a special certification for a particular region, plus three key skills and security clearance? Designed for a complex, multiple-skills based environment, OptiMax ensures that that you dispatch the qualified technician for the job, so that there are no reworks.