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Tool Inventory Software


Not having access to the right tools at the right time can cost field service businesses millions. Metrics from mean time to repair to customer satisfaction are impacted when a technician doesn't have the right part. Using outdated or analog methods could even require returning to a depot station or dispatch center, adding to the cost. 

With ServiceMax equipment inventory software ensures your business has tool inventory control across all locations. This includes vans in the field and at depot stations. There is added benefit to this increased visibility. ServiceMax customers have seen a -13% decrease in mean time to repair, and a decrease in service costs by -8%. Improved visibility, faster repair times, and decreased costs, all in one tool inventory app.

Additional tool and parts features include auto-replenishment, which decreases overstocking. Tool checkout system and tracking allow technicians and managers to always know where a part is located. Warranty and contract management decrease leakages. 

ServiceMax field service software provides additional features. Including schedule and route optimization, offline capabilities, and returns material authorization. This all in one platform is a proven leader in field service management and is designed for enterprise businesses.

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