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Enhance the efficiency of your track skidder business with ServiceMax's scheduling and dispatch software.

Track skidder field service technicians Job allocation can be very complex. So to ensure high efficiency, you need to:

  • Ensure allocation of the right job to the most sutiable track skidder technician(s)
  • Ensure that the track skidder technicians do not exhaust themseleves with overbooked schedules
  • Make sure that appointment time windows are adhered to by the customers
  • Ensure that your technicians perform more and travel less
  • Make sure that the total cost of track skidder schedule is reduced with no impact on customer delight
  • Ensure that all the technicians and their work orders follow the above even if your business has one track skidder field technician or several thousand

ServiceMax's advanced and sophisticated scheduling capabilities offers an extraordinary user interface to manage track skidder service scheduling processes that are interactive, automatic as well as manual. Its proven and scalable cloud computing technology and its incredible drag and drop dispatch console enables you to allocate and setup track skidder service schedules for multitude of work orders simultaneously. The software can handle complex work orders, track skidder job scheduling, track skidder mobile worker management, track skidder invoicing, track skidder parts logistics and much more.