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ServiceMax's scheduling and dispatch software greatly enhances the efficiency of your turbines business.

Using ServiceMax turbine service software you can get real-time visibility into the turbine delivery tracking, work orders and also scheduling for every geographic location.

ServiceMax's cloud-based turbines dispatch software enables you to allocate and generate schedules for several work orders utilizing an intelligent Dispatch Console. Using the software you can:

  • Allow the turbines field service managers define service teams, the partner service teams and turbines service techns including their territories
  • Generate estimates and quotes
  • Allow turbines techs and partner techs to set up, allot, debrief and update field work orders
  • Track actual time, costly items and create service reports for customer signature and avoid any confusion and avoid costly billing errors
  • Enable turbines service techs to update and access the work orders from any mobile device, offline as well as online
  • Offer SLA counters on the work orders to increase the awareness of probable SLA violations

Want to manage difficult work orders, turbines job scheduling, mobile workers, logistics and invoices? Get ServiceMax.