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Field Service Software for Commercial HVAC Systems

Commercial HVAC executives want to ensure customer delight by offering flawless field service. HVAC Field workers work round the year to make that the commercial HVAC systems are performing appropriately. The following steps are crucial for retaining high efficiency in HVAC field service business:

  • Train your commercial HVAC system techs adequately
  • Spread the word
  • Take advantage of seasonal downtime and turn it into your favour to resolve customer queries
  • Improve the overall field service delivery chain
  • Generate and retain positive customer relationships

ServiceMax provides mobile and cloud-based software for commercial HVAC systems. ServiceMax offers a Service Flow Manager that balances scheduling and dispatch. Use ServiceMax to:

  • Have access to a host of best practices for commercial HVAC system
  • Attain complete visibility of field work orders based on multiple criteria, i.e. unassigned, assigned and emergency
  • Offer complete BYOD mobility to HVAC field techs to access service and customer data, schedules, product manuals and parts availability

Samsa Medical Service had joined hands with ServiceMax for increasing HVAC technician utilization rates. Get ServiceMax.