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ServiceMax's scheduling and dispatch software greatly enhances the efficiency of your underground mining equipment business.

Do you want real-time updates on the status of all underground mining equipment work orders? ServiceMax might be the right solution for you. Our software provides instant visibility into all your work orders for underground mining equipment, and also helps you keep track of scheduling and delivery, no matter where they are located.

ServiceMax offers underground mining equipment dispatch software based in the cloud. Using the intuitive drag and drop console, you can setup schedules for multiple work orders, simultaneously. Some of the other capabilities that we offer are:

  • Dynamic guidance to field technicians and partners of underground mining equipment through the workflows
  • Top-quality Underground Mining Equipment service on every visit and cut down on training requirements.
  • Empower customers to create or know the status of their work orders via the customer portal
  • Create dashboards and reports for representing values of various work order data

ServiceMax provides you the capability of handling complex invoicing, work orders, underground mining equipment mobile worker management, underground mining equipment job scheduling, and much more. Interested in our underground mining and equipment service software? View the Advanced Scheduling Demo to see our software in action.