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Enhance the efficiency of your water restoration business with ServiceMax's scheduling and dispatch software.

ServiceMax water restoration service software provides instant and complete visibility into all water restoration work orders, scheduling, and precise delivery tracking across various geographic locations.

With ServiceMax's scalable cloud computing water restoration dispatch software, you an seamlessly fix and assign schedules for numerous work orders, using an dispatch console with drag and drop facilities.

ServiceMax water restoration service software allows you to:

  • Enable all water restoration service field managers to clearly define service teams, (as well as partner service teams and water restoration service technicians) along with their territories
  • Generate estimates and quotes
  • Empower water restoration technicians and other partner technicians to seamlessly create, update, assign, and debrief field work orders
  • Get actual expense and time items and create final invoices for customer signature so as to eliminate confusion and avoid costly billing errors
  • Enable water restoration service technicians to update their respective work orders from various mobile devices, even if they maybe offline or online
  • Enhance awareness of the potential SLA violations on the work order by getting real-time service level agreement (SLA) counters
  • Efficiently manage all water restoration job scheduling, water restoration mobile worker management, invoicing, parts logistics, various complex work orders, and a lot more.