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Effective Contract Renewals Helps You Increase Revenue in Your Business

There are multiple ways to increase revenue in your business. One of the useful method is exercising effective contract management. Do you want to retain precise service contracts, installed products and warranties across locations and customers? ServiceMax can help.

Using ServiceMax you can ensure that all crucial contracts and entitlement information are accurate and available. Contracts are visible to the correct parties across the service delivery lifecycle that ensures no service is given for free. It also helps you to create accurate invoices, enables quicker payments and minimizes DSO (days sales outstanding). Use ServiceMax to:

  • Increase service revenue by reducing warranty leakage
  • Expand your field service business by undertaking new marketing initiatives and offering new services
  • Accelerate cash-flow through accurate billing as well as service tracking
  • Enhance customer delight by delivering standardized service plans
  • Enhance your service offerings by ensuring guaranteed revenues

Interested in increasing contract renewals by 12% and service revenue by 22%? Partner with ServiceMax.