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Deliver Flawless Field Service with Work Order Management Software from ServiceMax

There's nothing more frustrating for a customer than when their service technician is in the dark and doesn't know the details of their issue, especially when the clock is ticking. By using ServiceMax's for field service management, you'll now have incredibly efficient ways to track and manage orders, which greatly increases your organization's ability to expedite and respond to your customers' needs.

Using ServiceMax's work order management, you can manage easily your field service teams and their geographies, as well as field activities including assignment, creation, execution, closure and debrief of fieldwork. Your partner service teams can also benefit from this work order management capability.

  • Quickly Assign Work Orders to the Right Technician
  • Easily Update Work Order Detail
  • Get Wizard-Driven Work Order Debrief
  • Instant Pro-Forma Invoice Creation

ServiceMax's field service management software is the first complete suite of collaborative and mobile field service applications in the cloud that offers unprecedented capabilities to companies in field service to optimize operations. Check out ServiceMax today!