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Implement a Business Transformation Process using ServiceMax

How can a business transformation process help you? It will allow you to dispatch expert field workers, use the best technology, idea and solution to address every customer call. ServiceMax can help!

ServicePulse from ServiceMax functions more than a social collaboration platform. It completely transforms the way your company responds to service topics. Your executives can have access to valuable inputs to arrive at smart decisions. Use ServicePulse to:

  • Facilitate instant and secure communication between sales, marketing, engineering and service teams
  • Enable field workers to post photos and share customer queries to receive inputs on how to solve it
  • Make use of hashtags and other powerful search tools for accessing all kinds of customer concerns
  • Update your field worker on what is happening on the field simply by following people, accounts, cases, opportunities and products
  • Gain complete visibility of changes, updates and addition of items as they happen via ServicePulse Ticker
  • Use automated notifications to highlight customer accounts with high-volume activity

Equipped with ServiceMax, each field worker has the support of an entire team. Want to experience business transformation? Get ServiceMax.

Download the White Paper.