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Revolutionizing Field Service Applications - Reports and Dashboards

The key to a successful service business is understanding customer wants and satisfying them. To achieve this you need complete visibility over your operations through seamless, easy-to-access reports and dashboards. Executives and technicians need to understand tactical, strategic, and day-to-day service operations to make smart moves regarding service operations and service delivery. ServiceMax Dashboards & Reports allow you to see profits, losses, inventory and service levels.

ServiceMax reports mixes all the moving parts that make a field service operation i.e., technicians, customers, and work orders. This allows managers and executives to get hold of the information they need instantly. ServiceMax's Reports & Dashboards helps implement KPIs that helps maintain your service business profitable and competitive. 

Having tremendous visibility over services and parts improves customer service in the long run. ServiceMax customers get field service system tightly integrated with CRM and that comes armed with inventory and service parts management. This gives 360 degree view of products, parts, accounts and entitlements.