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Advanced Scheduling Simplifies the Job of a Field Service Engineer

Allocating tasks to field workers is not an easy job for a field service engineer. It is essential to ensure customer satisfaction as well as maintain high efficiency. For this a field service engineer needs to make sure that:

  • Field workers are skilled to handle the task assigned to them
  • Field workers are available to take on the task allotted to them
  • Field workers attend the cherished customers on priority
  • Field workers spend more time in working and staying idle
  • Field workers fulfil customer SLA promises in the right time

ServiceMax offers advance scheduling software with a smart UI to monitor all kinds of scheduling (manual, interactive and automatic) processes. The software also comes with an intuitive Dispatch Console that helps you generate and allot schedules for multiple field work orders. Use ServiceMax to reduce “mean time to repair” and maximize your first time closure rates.