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What is Inventory Control

A simple question with a complex answer that many field service managers get is "What is Inventory Control?" It doesn't help that the process has changed dramatically with advancements to the cloud and technology.


With modern technology, many businesses from SMB to Enterprise can keep track of inventory and stock throughout their environment. This includes parts on trucks, stock in warehouses, and incoming orders. Without this visibility issues can arise. In certain cases too much stock on the shelves means a wasted initial investment, while in other cases not having the right parts in the right truck significantly decreases first time fix rates and customer satisfaction. What happens when two technicians in two different locations need the same tool at the same time? Who gets priority?

This is where inventory logistics come in. Some businesses will hire a field inventory specialist to handle inventory control from a depot center or home office. Using a combination of inventory control management software and costing programs, the entire field service organization will efficiently utilize stock to decrease cost and improve revenue. Others may hire inventory control companies to expedite or offload these necessary processes.

ServiceMax, the leading field service management software offers stock control management, scheduling optimization, and reverse logistics. This all in one software provides complete inventory control across systems as well as RMA (Returns Material Authorization). 

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