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ServiceMax Helps Field Service Companies in Precise Reporting

Are you using complex analytics to create field service reports? There is a possibility that your service data is not organized systematically. Service companies today want to implement precise reporting tools for smart decision making. ServiceMax can help!

Reports and Dashboards from ServiceMax equip you with critical performance evaluations to improve your field service delivery. ServiceMax’s reporting software allows you to:

  • Create as well as customize dashboards with multiple charts and reports in a user-specific format
  • Embed the reports and dashboards in a ServiceMax application page
  • Offer access control and validation to reports or dashboards based on user roles
  • Take advantage as many as 70 pre-defined reports and two dozen pre-built dashboards
  • Personalize reports using simple filtering, preview and drag and drop options

If you want flawless field service reporting, partner with ServiceMax. Download the White Paper.