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Improve Your Service Lifecycle Management with ServiceMax

Field service workers must be aware about every detail regarding service history and customer issues. This leads to effective service lifecycle management. ServiceMax’s cloud-based field service suite can help.

ServiceMax assists in effective service lifecycle management by fostering strong customer relationships and offering new revenue opportunities. Using ServiceMax you can:

  • Ensure consumer delight on every interaction and not compel the customer to answer the same question twice
  • Improve the installed base information accuracy by enabling anyone in the field service delivery function to update consumer contacts and other details
  • Improve the SLA compliance and provide beyond customer expectations
  • Improve the visibility of customer problems and utilize the data collected to improve product design and service delivery
  • Identify new revenue scopes by tracking competitor products
  • Bring down the ACHT i.e. Average Call Handling Time by making it easy to update customer history, warranty data and device configurations

Want to align marketing, sales and field service for improved service lifecycle management? Get ServiceMax.