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Advanced Field Service Software for Service Workers

Field service success is all about increased customer retention, service revenues and customer delight. To excel, field service workers need optimized schedules, planning and systematic workforce management. ServiceMax’s advanced field service software can help.

Dispatching skilled field service workers require focused planning. You also have to understand customer problems and consider their preferences. To offer best-in-class field service delivery, you need to:

  • Make service management responsible for forecasting and planning
  • Move from the manual scheduling processes and increase investments in mobility
  • Integrate parts into scheduling criteria
  • Analyse your scheduling and planning precision frequently
  • Ensure your filed techs are equipped with relevant service, customer and service data to solve customer issues
  • Make sure that your priority customers gets attended first

ServiceMax’s cloud-based field service software offers BYOD mobility across all its services. Using ServiceMax you can bring about a transformation in every aspect of field service, from scheduling, parts, analytics, contracts to social networking channels.

Want to give your field service delivery a boost? Get ServiceMax.