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Optimize Your Field Service Delivery using Work Order Management System

Allocating the correct field worker to accomplish a specified task with precision is crucial in field service business. Field workers need to be equipped with the correct parts, right know-how and must update work orders accurately. ServiceMax’s work order management system helps.

Do you want to ensure customer delight and retain field service efficiency? For this you must make sure that your:

  • Field workers don’t have busy schedules to address important work orders
  • Field workers arrive on time and resolve customer queries effectively
  • Priority customers are attended first
  • Customer SLA promises and appointment slots are correctly catered

ServiceMax’s advanced work order management system on cloud helps you create, allocate, deploy, debrief as well as close field work orders efficiently. Use ServiceMax to:

  • Track the precise time and cost items for generating invoices or service reports for consumer signature
  • Minimize work order confusion and avert expensive billing mistakes
  • Allow customer service teams to analyze and monitor the query to resolution comprising the consumer description of the issue and root cause analysis
  • Create meaningful service reports by including total parts usage and service history
  • Track, define and see your service and partner service teams along with their specific locations and activities

Do you want to optimize your field service scheduling and dispatch functions? Partner with ServiceMax.